The Year in Words

Here are places I talked some shit in 2015.


I finished the first part of my BEER MASTER short stories. It’s a series of confessionals from Portsmouth, NH’s craft beer specialist. Start here. [Ed: Dead Link]


I wrote a review of In The Circus of You for Ghost Ocean Magazine #17.


I started writing personal essays disguised as restaurant reviews. I call it The Yelping. The most popular one so far is my review of Sonny’s Tavern in Dover, NH. The trick to these is to write about a restaurant with a social media presence, because the business will share/retweet the piece, even though it’s wonky and confessional and absolutely useless to anyone seeking a restaurant recommendation. [Ed: I took these reviews off Medium. I’m editing them to include in my master’s thesis, due in July. Maybe they’ll return then!]


Comedian Cameron Esposito answered a bunch of my silly questions for The Sound, a free news weekly for the Seacoast. My editor titled the piece “Flash Forward” and I never got around to asking him why. I’m afraid to, because it’s probably obvious.


I interviewed Dave Young for the American Youth Foundation’s alumni newsletter “The Founder Fire.” Dave spent time in Nepal providing medical care to people affected by April’s earthquake. [It’s a PDF]



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