Some Songs I’ve Heard

These are some songs I’ve been listening to lately.

Anna Meredith — “Nautilus”

At 2:03, this song goes from “Maybe these alien visitors come in peace” to “Oh no the skies have turned to blood.”

Anna Meredith’s “Varmints” is out now

Julien Baker — “Sprained Ankle”

It was a mild winter here. As quickly as the snow fell, it melted. I park my car in a dirt driveway between my apartment building and a blighted garage, formerly an auto-parts warehouse, now a storage unit for hollowed computer servers and clandestine projects. It’s an early mud season and if I don’t move my car before the morning thaw, I’m stuck there for the day. I work from home a lot.

Julien Baker’s album “Sprained Ankle” is out now

Savages— “Adore”

The new Savages album is fast becoming my fave so far this year.

Savages’ “Adore Life” is out now

Mitski — “Your Best American Girl”

Mitski’s new album “Puberty 2” is out June 17 from Dead Oceans

Lucy Dacus — “Troublemaker Doppelgänger”

“No child is born knowing there’s an ugly or evil thing. / When did my folks stop covering my eyes?”

Lucy Dacus’ “No Burden” is out now

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