More Songs I’ve Heard: May

2016’s music has been good to me. Here’s a sampling of my favorite tracks from May.

Julianna Barwick—”Same”

I listen to a lot of ambient, sepulchral humming these days. Julianna Barwick’s newest album Will is out now through Dead Oceans.

Chance the Rapper—”Angels”

Who is you? And who the fuck is you? And who is him?

Mikael Lind—”Intentions and Variations”

Greetings from the Turbulent Abstraction!

Emily and I have found peace among these shades and hues, where everything moves like a bishop on a chessboard, and the thrice daily de- and re-atomizations squeeze our love into new corners and compartments.

Just this morning I thought, Do I exist to consume? Can I not also provide? and before I could think on it any further, my eyeballs floated out of their sockets, and I spent the rest of the day watching myself try to get them back. See you soon!

With Love,

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