The Music Of June

What will be Song of the Summer?! Here are some songs on the shortlist:

skybox—”Honda Night Cruise”

This is like a My Bloody Valentine song played through a Game Boy. It’s my genre of choice.

The Hotelier—”Soft Animal”

The Hotelier’s newest album is called “Goodness” and it’s getting coverage for its album cover of nude older folks. That’s cool! Body positivity, I’m into it, whatever demographic! Listen to the whole album; it’s a beautiful collection of music and it’s out now.


I can’t post the first song on Pup’s new album. It’s called “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will” and it leads directly into this one, “DVP.” Pup’s latest is called “The Dream Is Over” and it’s very good. It’s also out now.

The Avalanches—”Frankie Sinatra”

Writ rhymes since the days with Frankie Crocker rock. Not Doom’s best verse but it’s good to hear him, and good to hear from the Avalanches again! I like this carnivale beat most when my car windows are down.

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