The Month In Music: July

What a July I had! I went to my first writers residency as part of the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA Program. I found my kin, my tribe, my poorly socialized peers, and together we talked about plot, structure, dialogue, how to write believable sex, and more!

Here are some songs I listened to in July:

Frankie Cosmos – “Is It Possible / Sleep Song”

Talk that bass line for a walk in the middle of the song and you have my heart, unconditionally.

Frankie Cosmos’ newest album is called “Next Thing” and it came out in April.

The Julie Ruin – “I’m Done”

I went to my first ever bachelor party on the day that the Julie Ruin was in town. This is not me saying that I would have rather seen Kathleen Hanna than fete Daniel’s bachelorhood! No, Daniel, I did not say that! It was a bachelor party without flaw; we drank the night away and spent the next day reading our paperbacks. Many of Daniel’s friends work in publishing in New York, so they had Advanced Reading Copies of Fall 2016 books. Someone promised to send me a PDF of the new Zadie Smith—I can’t remember when that promise took place. I need to follow up.

The Julie Ruin’s newest is out now and it’s good.

The Album Leaf – “Back To The Start”

For a hot minute during my junior year, before the building renovations started and before the replacement modular classrooms halved the parking lot’s capacity,  I drove my first car—a 1997 Ford Escort in aquamarine—to and from high school through the autumn. The Album Leaf’s In A Safe Place had just released and I listened to it on my lunch breaks, in my car, cherishing the 20 minutes of quiet. Their newest record comes out in August via Relapse Records.

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